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Stop Sacrificing Yourself On The Altar of Regret

Every minute spent repeating the past, wishing you could have done this or that differently, is present time being sacrificed on the altar of regret. Stop repeating the cycle of regret. Stop taking on 100% responsibility for the shortcomings of another. Accept your part in a past relationship and rise up from the altar of […]

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The PowerFul BeIngs

Have you met your soul? Are you able to just observe the ego part of you for what it is and not allow it to overrun you? Like a mother observing a child crying out – knowing she can observe and in time, the child will quiet itself?  Are you able to quiet your mind […]

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List Your Way to Success!

To my surprise, I’d completed 70% of those items. Bear in mind, I’d never looked twice at that list. Certainly my desire to do these items was always present, but it did give me chills to see that most of them had been accomplished. The power of suggestion is TREMENDOUS!

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