Take it easy ba…

Take it easy baby, take it as it comes – specialize in having fun – Jim Morrison

Fun – take it with you wherever you go. “Have fun…will travel!” Lightness of Being isn’t reserved for weekends or outside of work. We need to breathe that quality into our lives and be very selfish about it. Don’t let the graveness of others around you dictate your mood. Solemness is contagious. It kills the creative juices and slows down time tremendously. Basically – it makes life feel like a drag. So if you want more joy in your life, you have the power to create it. Do the unexpected. Do those things that might be a little out of character for you. It’s ok to make yourself laugh, to be silly, to be a little inappropriate at times. What is really inappropriate is to forget how to take it easy baby. ūüôā

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Navigating Through Worry.

Worry is an inocuous creature. We can do it so often that it becomes a constant underlying theme playing itself out in the background of our lives. As it does, it injects an unhealthy and addictive dosage of negativity into our daily perspective and can be very detrimental over both the short and long run.

Pay attention to the outlook you are bringing to whatever you are dealing with in your life. I like to do quick check-ins with myself to see where I am heading which helps me live more consciously in those moments.

Think like a sailor who has to constantly adjust their sails on the ocean. You would benefit by doing so also, on a frequent basis, if you truly want to get to your destination – especially when you ARE the only monitoring system available! There is no Miss GPS Guide telling you “50 feet to your destination on the right.” Pretty soon monitoring your thoughts will become second nature and you will see the difference in your attitude and the results you get. Enjoy the ride and especially the view! New Moon is coming up tomorrow. A great time to set intentions. ūüôā


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Everything happens…

Fear wears many clever disguises. Control, deceit, pride, hate, distrust. But love sees right through it all. Rest in love, knowing that we are born naked and why wait til death to show yourself? If you can make peace with truth, you can avoid an early death suffocated by your own illusions. When you allow patience and compassion to flow into your life, you will see that everything is unravelling just as it should, in a divine and timely order. So welcome your interactions, your enlightening experiences and even your disappointments. Today there will be a teachable and expansive opportunity if you just remain open and expectant. What you do with it is up to you. It is always all up to you.


Being Resourceful…

Reach Beyond Your Limits.

During an exchange with¬†a facebook friend of mine, I was¬†reminded that when we feel out of sorts we need to be resourceful. (Thank you Viktoria!) When you look at the word¬†“resourceful” immediately you think of using¬†what¬†is at hand to create something better. So it might sound a bit confounding or¬†frustratingly vague to hear someone suggest that you need to be resourceful –¬†when you’re feeling¬†quite unenthused about life. I mean, I’m a¬†Life Coach! I certainly know how to be resourceful, but¬†it’s not like I was trying to¬†look for a solution to a problem, how to come up with¬†money to take a trip or pay a bill – you know – the¬†normal¬†circumstances that would put you in¬†“resourceful” mode.¬†I just was¬†not having a great day. Actually, I¬†was having a pretty¬†“blah” day and¬†my energy reserves were depleted.¬†¬†You know those days – when it seems to take all¬†you’ve got to even¬†perform the mundane tasks of everyday life. Those bad days – when we¬†can’t really see two paces¬†ahead of us, let alone far into the distance – are the¬†days we really¬†DO¬†need to be resourceful.¬†Those are the “brink” days. Too many of those brink days back to back and we can make decisions that we would regret on a clearer, brighter day. I know you know how to be resourceful, but¬†take a moment to consider its fuller meaning.

Look at the word resourceful.¬†“Re-Source-Full.”¬†Conceptually – it is a¬†multi-dimensional word.¬†We need to find our Source again…Re-Source…so that we¬†can become filled with¬†the regenerative energy of Spirit and be renewed!¬†I had¬†simply been reminded to remember the things I like to do. Even though I help people connect with what they like to do quite often – in my own moment of disconnectedness, I could not access that place within me at the time. I needed to be reminded to dig through my golden treasure chest of toys and connect with¬†what¬†makes me feel good! I even needed to connect with another human being –¬† so that I could remember to do that! It was like connecting an extension cord to an extension cord for power. But that’s where many of us run into a problem. All of that can feel like too much of a task to ask of someone when they aren’t feeling so optimistic, outgoing or open¬†in the first place!

Imagine¬†a child opening up their closet and looking waaaay up to the top shelf¬†at their heavy treasure chest of toys or wayyyy in the back of the closet on the floor, in the corner, behind allll of the junk on the floor.¬† Reaching up out of our comfort zone¬†just might not always appeal to many of us. The idea of just remaining in a “funk” might seem¬†to be the better thing to do because -we don’t have to reach up or down. We can just¬†BE. There is a further fear that if you do open that treasure chest – it could very well be EMPTY!¬†Better to just leave that¬†chest alone and continue living your life¬†just as you always have been. No harm, no foul.¬† Here is where I am going to ask you to just trust the process of exploration, no matter how far away that treasure chest appears, how empty you think it is..the fact remains that it’s still YOURS! You have eternal rights to it and no one can take it away from you!¬†It gets better. Your treasure chest is uniquely yours and no one has one just like yours. So¬†I don’t care how long it’s been since you’ve looked in it, how many cobwebs have grown around it or how embarrassed you are¬†that you’ve neglected it for so¬†long – it’s all yours and always will be.

God¬†gave us life so that we could experience it all. We each were given our own treasure chest of toys, gifts, charms, talents, skills¬†– whatever you want to call it. No doubt there will be challenges that seem to¬†ravage¬†our spirits to the core, leave¬†us¬†weary and forget who we are –¬†but there is a constantly renewable source¬†of energy and love within us that never ceases.¬†We may forget how to make that connection again in our¬†darkest hours. We may forget how to open the treasure chest! ¬†Remembering to be Re-Source-Full will always power us up again so that we can see the light that we stand in and not be consumed by the¬†illusions that seem to overshadow¬†our existence at times.

The answer to opening up your treasure¬†chest is in Reaching. Just reach. Whatever direction you choose – out, in, down or up…re-connect with Life and¬†be renewed.¬†Re-Source-Full.

Your true self is reflected in all the things in that treasure chest that make you¬†feel GOOD. Truth just feels good. Everytime your vibration is lifted up, you are living in your truth. Anytime that you begin to lose your way,¬†it’s time to locate¬†the pulse – the¬†thing that feeds the veins of your existence.¬†In that moment¬†– you can BE your highest self, your most RE-SOURCE-FULL self. So reach up, reach down but make sure you REACH! (Thank you Viktoria!)

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The Power of Shape-Shifting

Happy New Year! It’s been a minute since I’ve blogged here. I’m happy to be back sharing and bearing my “Soul Food 4 The Soul.” In addition to having authored my book “Soul Food 4 the Soul” (www.soulfood4thesoul.com)¬† I am also a Life Coach – a Shape-Shifter – if you will.

I shift negativity into a breathable, tolerable, negotiable, mutable entity. The power of shape-shifting is enormous. It is quite intimidating because you are able to see what is possible and also where you have gotten in your own way.

You see that there really is no such concept as impossible, except to the degree that YOU believe it to be.

You see that everything you do and do not do is the result of a choice you made or didn’t make.

You see what is and you even see the space that “what isn’t” occupies.

You see that limitations are self-imposed. Even the limitations of a group of people can be transcended if that is the collective will of a group.

You see the power of intention. That whatever I intend to happen will manifest itself. You also get to see that whatever you refuse to focus your intention on becomes a shapeless mess left to its own design and/or demise.

When you begin to shift areas of your life into shape you really see just how powerful life is and experience how empowering it can be. You become a first hand witness to the power of the Divine force that is within us all. We have been given the greatest gift of Life – to have a hand in Co-Creation! Don’t miss the opportunity of this Lifetime, that is given to you on a daily basis.

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Flawless Art

A flaw is an imperfection. It does not ruin the entire subject. If you’re looking at a row of paintings in an art gallery, unless you were looking for the flaw, you would not even notice it. Once you see it, it’s very difficult to not see it. Now you know that piece of art more intimately than another casual onlooker.
We too are flawed artworks adorning the gallery of life. We are imperfectly perfect. How much more perfect could we be moment to moment? The difference with us..unlike a painting that has been deemed finish by it’s Creator, our Creator has not finished with us yet! Everyday, every moment we can transform our flaws and move towards a more perfect rendering of ourselves.
That is the beauty and the challenge of being human. As long as we are open to life, we can never remain the same. We really are Art In Motion. (AIM) That said, AIM for the most High and most Beautiful rendering of yourself today! Also know that certain flaws you might be pre-occupied with, to the average onlooker, you might be the Mona Lisa. Be gentle with yourself.
Peace and Blessings.

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Going Through Changes

Change is hard but do it anyway. Sometimes change is just for a minute and sometimes it’s for a lifetime. But we have to welcome our future when it is nudging us.  We may fear that we are falling downward and not want to open our eyes or step forward, but we are really getting ready to fly. When you get that internal nudge to do something different, life is calling you to your higher good, your greater well-being.

Are you stuck in your circumstances?¬† Stuck in stuff – clutter, unfinished projects, stuck in finances – bills, investments, etc, stuck in career ‚Äď stagnant ¬†job, underpaid job, etc, stuck in love ¬†– relationships, no relationship, or in a myriad of other limiting emotions – stuck in low self-worth, depression, boredom, etc. Well change is bound to come a-knocking. ¬†It may be a change in perspective about how you‚Äôre responding to something or how you‚Äôre interacting with someone. Sometimes it‚Äôs a slight adjustment in attitude or perception we need to make. Other times, space is needed to foster a better hearing for someone else‚Äôs needs. Or we may need to let words spoken sink in or anger subside while room for forgiveness may grow.

Change is hard to articulate. It’s hard to accept and even harder to live with. Change is a pain in the mind, the body and the heart. It hurts all over!  And it’s frightening. But even though it may feel like an unwanted burden at first, if we trust the Universe is always working for our higher good, it will be a beautiful blessing in the end.

Love is a part of change too. If you love yourself, you will recognize your changing needs and address them. How you address it is..well that’s different for everyone.¬† But love yourself through these periods of change. How? By trusting the desire for the change that you are feeling. Follow it to where it leads. The choice is yours to take the necessary steps for change. Only you know what is right for you too. And at what time. But if some internal part of you is demanding your attention, trust that you are important enough to pay that voice some attention. That voice is beckoning you and you probably won’t find some inner peace until you answer it. Love others who might be catalysts for your change too. Why? Because we are all part of one another‚Äôs changing, without which or whom, we would not, could not evolve. So yes, bless it all.

Want to read more on change? Pick up my Ebook at www.soulfood4thesoul.com and read my Chapter on ‚ÄúChange‚ÄĚ.

I am a life coach. I can help you cross the divide and make those changes you are seeking to make in your life. One step at a time. Together. Email me at lgbtcoachbrent@gmail.com

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