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The PowerFul BeIngs

you have no need to travel anywhereHave you met your soul? Are you able to just observe the ego part of you for what it is and not allow it to overrun you? Like a mother observing a child crying out – knowing she can observe and in time, the child will quiet itself?  Are you able to quiet your mind so that you can appear for yourself? During the course of the day,  transcend the emotional traffic that is causing spiritual congestion. Touch that place within you where there is nothing and in that nothingness, wait by the door of consciousness.  You will experience the tranquility of you! That is where the remembrance lives. Your soul essence is nothing. It is your being just hanging out and taking everything in. It perceives all things beyond your human mind. It is an experience beyond the reach of words. But it knows answers to every confounding situation. It is the response of fullness in the void. It’s understanding extends beyond the confines of our perception, our history and our drama. It has no color, no gender, no differences, no flaws, no measures to measure up to. No fear to tackle. It experiences the journey as just a journey. That No-Being is a Know-ing Being! There all the time. In your background. We all have the power to access it. It’s up to you to plug in to your power of Be-ing.




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