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The light of love|Compassion

This is right on time for our nation at the moment and everyday in general. Thank you Kissiah!

Kissiah Young, MSW

india.jpg-sizedIt feels good to reconnect to the highest vibration. How quickly is this forgotten when we step off the path being haunted by weariness; discontentment and unhappiness find their way in through the cracks in the floor of our practice. Still we stay there far longer than we should wondering what’s wrong–from where has the unease of depression come? It seems contrast doesn’t happen right away as though the journey off the path must run its course. Is this so? Is it possible to return again to the highest vibration without a lengthy separation? It is. Mindfulness is key. Mindfulness is what leads us back to the center, which means the faster we pay attention the sooner we reconnect. Everything is a lesson and we must be gentle with ourselves, mindful not to curse or judge or bash in our human imperfections because we’ve been imperfect, lest we create…

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