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A stunted life falls short of the glory we all are worthy of. All living things want to feel alive. How do we access that feeling? Through connection with self and others.Today invite a blossom into your life. Go an extra 10 minutes on the treadmill. Make that dreaded phone call. Send someone you love a message to let them know they crossed your mind. Smile at a stranger who appears caught up in their own world. Speak upliftment to someone who looks on the verge of tears. Look at your own self and say “job well done” for something you did. Tell a leader in your circle how they have helped you grow. Reach up. Reach out. Reach across. Reach down. You could just stand there in your safe space today. But why? Blossom and experience how it empowers you too in the process! With every ray of light you emit, more light is returned to you too! Lighten up and Blossom. ♥

Blessings and Light,

Coach B


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