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ImageChange is necessary although not always without resistance. Even when it is evident that the time has come to institute some changes in our lives, the longer we delay, the worst things will become. However, we grow comfortable with our status quo because it’s all that we’ve known. It keeps us “busy” in our lives although uncomfortable. There is irony in that discomfort. Discomfort is like a silent LOUD alarm that awakens and alerts us. We may make temporary changes just to quiet the annoyance of the need for change. Temporary is not good enough. Temporary changes just perpetuate the pattern that keeps us stuck in our mud and mire. Being in mud and mire can feel familiar and safe. Over and over we choose safety over new roads, which feel unfamiliar and threatening. Choose the unfamiliarity of potential success! Feel what it is like to see dreams coming true, rising to higher levels, making new commitments, achieving new victories and seeing yourself shine in the light of YOUR new day! So today, decide to make a permanent change that will quiet that alarm, that threatens your peace forever. You deserve to live in peace and the only way to experience that is through having the courage to step out of your old ways and create new patterns that are rewarding and permanent. So what can you change? Your attitude or response? Your beliefs about your potential that stopped serving you a long time ago? Whatever it is that needs to change – it got your attention today for a reason. You are ready for it. Stop playing small. Stop pretending to be deaf, dumb and blind. There is so much more potential inside of you. Wake up and live an awakened life. Your higher self is eager to change!

Blessings and Light,


Coach B


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