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Much Ado About Nothing.

There are days when your best of intentions go awry simply because you’re paying too much attention to the thoughts going on inside of your mind. The bad news is that 80% of those thoughts don’t serve you at all. The good news is that the 20% that do are the only ones you need. […]

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Are you Living or Just Here?

The difference between Life and Living is that Life is what you are in…the thing that goes on day in and day out regardless of whether you want it to or not. It is what is happening around us all the time. Living is what we are doing inside of “Life”. It is our own […]

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Revolution of The Sun and The Moon

Last night I gazed into the moon as it danced in between the trees, illuminating the darkness inside me. It uttered so softly “let your soul speak to me of your desires”. In silence I told her of what I aspire, my quest to revive the human spirit, vision and hope. As I spoke, the […]

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When Challenges Arrive, Take the Opportunity to Hand It Over to Someone Bigger Than You

Today I decided to update my Ipod music for my listening pleasure. Haven’t done it in months and besides who wants to work out to last year’s music?? So I was leaning towards some uplifting music, which for me turned out to be gospel alll day long. lol! I was drawn to those 12th round […]

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“Hanging On In There”

I have been asking myself what is the difference between withstanding and understanding? I realized you don’t have to understand why you are going through something in order to withstand it. To withstand simply means to endure, to hold out or resist. To understand is to accept as true, to believe in something. Withstanding a […]

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As I was doing my meditation this morning this is what came to me…Be open to new perspectives without self-judgment. Self judgment is so toxic to the very elixir of life that runs through our veins. It immobilizes us from planning, from being in a state of expectation and hopefulness. Creation is replaced with stagnation. […]

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